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Alloy wheel refurb quotation
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Alloy Wheels Refurbishment & Repairs

Our alloy wheel refurb process ensures that the wheel maintains most of its original factory constructed structure and alloy composite whilst repairing the damage and improving the look of the alloy in most cases making it look like new!

We have an on-site inspection centre, showroom and collection point and an off-site workshop.
As our site also services MOT work we are currently unable to create the perfect environment to refurbish alloy wheels from the same site.  The environment is crucial to achieve an outstanding finish the the wheels and adhere to health and safety regulations.

Cracked Alloy Wheel Repair / Refurbishment

We carry out refurbishment repairs on cracked alloy wheels of all degrees. The cracking of the alloy wheels usually starts with a fine fracture commonly on the side of the rim caused by the wheel being exposed to the road or curb due to the low profile tyres or the rim reaching too far out.  With the combination of weather corrosion and regular pressure this fracture sometimes grows to become a larger crack and can begin to open up and flake the outer layer/skin of the
alloy wheel making it look worse then it could actually be.  
Please Note: If you have a BMW cracked alloy wheel, you may be able to make a claim for a replacement.

Dented and Buckled Alloy Wheel Repair / Refurbishment


We are able to repair & refurbish dented or buckled alloy wheels using precision engineering machines and tools.  Depending on the damage we will advise you how affective the refurbishment job will be and whether it is worth repairing or buying new set of alloy wheels which we may have in stock as a replacement.  The dents  usually occur on the rim causing a flat spot which requires to be skillfully moved back in to shape using circular motion machinery and finishing products to restore the colour and shine of the original alloy wheel.  Most buckles can be treated cold but sometimes depending on the dent it may require heat treatment.  In most cases both the inside and outside may be repaired but it may not always be possible to repair the inside and we can advise you once we have assessed the damage.